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raccoons trivia free


This game was given to a dozen of specially trained raccoons and one untrained. We interviewed one of the experts after he finished the game, and that's what he said:- Well, do you have something to wash?.. or maybe cookies?After a solemn ceremony of delivery of cookies waggon, they were asked to tell us about a game. So they did.- great graphics;- good jokes;- can play offline;- interesting questions;- a lot of categories;- you can even beat the game;- expands your outlook;- takes care of you and will always help;- doesn't deplete ozone layer;- can play on the road;- doesn't contains GMO and doesn't cause drowsiness;- you can share your results via facebook;- some levels looks like "millionaire" (4 answers);- some questions has 2 answers - true or false.And it's only a concise list, rendered from a 12-hour raccoons speech. And in general, thank you for reading to this point. Raccoons and author appreciate this a lot. Briefly about the game, it's free and very interesting quiz. Install, play, have fun and develop yourself, best regards.Download new puzzle :